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Mud Wrestling Women Competition, Las Vegas

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Mud Wrestling Women Competition, Las Vegas

Mud Wrestling – Presented by Steel Kittens Video. It’s 1981 and Las Vegas was picked for the site of the first ever women’s lightweight mud wrestling championships, which has become one of the gems in our vintage professional womens wrestling collection. They were held in a hotel and the preparation was outstanding. The pit was surrounded by ropes, a two-announcer team described the action, and two referees stood by to guard against foul play. Seven bouts were scheduled with eight fit, beautiful, and athletic young women all aiming for the championship!

This very professional contest saw many of the top mud wrestlers in the world, including Sue Bowser, who wrestled in the hit movie “Stripes” and Susan Meschner, one of the announcers who dethroned Peter Falk’s girls in “All The Marbles”. Tough Renee Vicary challenged anyone who would stay in the pit with her. The Schreyer sisters, Kim and Denise, left their show horses and headed for Vegas. Little Cindy Yrigollen came to prove that size didn’t match up with experience.

Watching the extreme action and focused fighting of this tournament will show you the extreme talent gathered for this event–which in our minds is by far the greatest display of intense mud wrestling ever filmed. None of the phony showbiz look of nightclub mud wrestling ever got near this ring! The experienced women already had learned that using leverage and scissors holds was the path to victory. Athletic, intense, beautiful bodies were smothered in mud, and the best girls had no mercy for the inexperienced ones. Not much slipping and sliding in this event, only brutal punishing holds that made opponents run for the ring ropes, their bodies covered with mud as they became victims of the eventual winners.

We are very fortunate to have obtained this vintage professional womens wrestling tape, and strongly feel that it is the best mud wrestling event ever staged. You will be completely entertained from start to finish until one gorgeous grappler has her arm raised in a defiant victory! Don’t miss this one!

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